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The Need Existed: A Portable Foam Mattress

The STONEPROOF Bed® was originally created for use in disaster relief and community shelters. Often in emergency situations, cots are not available and when they are, they take up a lot of space. The compact STONEPROOF Bed® will not break as cots do, and they are easier to put out and pick up.

Thousands of STONEPROOF Beds® have been sold and are currently being used by shelters and other relief agencies throughout the United States and Canada. Since they are larger and more supportive, many people prefer sleeping on the STONEPROOF Bed® instead of a cot.

The STONEPROOF Bed® is ideal for outdoor activities such as picnics and camping. They also make a great bed in the back of a van for extended road travel. Many churches have used the STONEPROOF Bed® for lock-ins and overflow situations during large conventions. At the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, hundreds of STONEPROOF Beds® were used to sleep visitors in overcrowded gymnasiums.

Simply lay the STONEPROOF Bed® on the ground or floor and instantly you have a comfortable and warm place to sleep. When you awake, push it together, fasten the buckle, and it’s ready to carry or store.




Whether it’s for an emergency or an occasional use, the STONEPROOF Bed® meets the need with a comfortable, safe and durable piece of equipment.

Product Description:

The top is made with a durable nylon. The bottom fabric is a heavy duty nylon. Both top and bottom are backed with a water repellent urethane coating. The waterproof coating allows the bed to be washed or cleaned easily with soap and water or a disinfectant. The STONEPROOF Bed® when folded measures approximately 19"x 28"x 7" and weighs approximately 6 pounds. The high quality foam is specially treated with a fire retardant substance. Although lightweight, the STONEPROOF Bed® will support a person weighing well in excess of 275 pounds without grounding out. This product uses a material and design system so advanced that it is patented (US Patent #5,720,057). 



The STONEPROOF Bed® is made of a dense foam allowing for comfortable support keeping the user from grounding out at head, shoulder, and hips. In addition, because the foam is 100% polyurethane, it retains body temperature when placed on the ground or cold floor.

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